This post was born from the scorched writing prompt.

I have friends, not a massive amount it has to be said, but what I lack in quantity I feel I gain in quality.  Okay I’m sure everyone says they have the best friends, but this is my blog so I win.  Each of my friends have their own qualities to recommend them, whether it be their generosity, their winning personality or just the simple fact that we share similar interests.  Overall, I’m fortunate to know the people I know.

That said it’s not always easy getting on with these people.  There are times when I wonder whether it’s all worth it, whether to give it all up, find a nice cave somewhere and live the life of a hermit.  It’s a fleeting thought of course, quite apart from the fact that I can’t imagine caves get great internet, the disagreements and arguments are worth it.  The best of friends I find, are the ones that argue the most.  This is how you know they’re a good friend, you can disagree with them in the most spectacular fashion and yet somehow, the next time you speak it’s like nothing ever happened.

It’s swings and roundabouts I suppose.

One of my friends, a nice person called Zog.  We share interests, for the most part we get along like two perfectly normal people.  This doesn’t stop us from bickering like an old married couple, on our worst days we can end up engaged in savage arguments so brutal I wonder if we’ll speak to each other again.

We do of course, and why is that?

Well I’ll always remember one of the first conversations myself and Zog had.  We were talking about igloos, I don’t recall the specifics of the conversation; however, it culminated in me saying that it was possible for a person to light a fire inside an igloo without it melting.  Now Zog is a perfectly intelligent person, which is what made what she said next so much more hilarious.

“Wouldn’t it thunder?”

It was one of those sentences that you realise the silliness of as soon as it’s uttered, Zog certainly did.  It stuck with me, so much so that a ‘thunder in an igloo situation’ became a metaphor for weird things, that shouldn’t happen, happening.  On our worst days, it’s things like this I remember, when I have a falling out with any of my friends, these are things that keep me coming back for more.  It doesn’t always work of course, I bear a grudge easily and have taken scorched earth approaches to friendships in the past.  Some of them deserved it, in hindsight some of them didn’t; they weren’t some of my finest moments.

Finishing I will say this.  A couple of friends have left the place in which I work this year, plus those who left in years past.  One of them I worked particularly close with, we still talk of course, but we made a good team and though it’s a little corny, it was tough to lose my wingman.  Another of my closest friends is going to be leaving shortly and it worries me that we might lose touch.  These things test friendships, distance is one of the greatest tests there is of whether a friendship is strong.

I personally think we’ll be fine though, why?  It’s like I said at the start, I have the best friends.