Welcome to the blog

Greetings, I am Tom…of the North.

What?  My name is Tom and I live in the north, I had to call it something.

If someone had have asked me a couple of years ago what a blog was, I’d have been able to give only a general wide ranging response.  Whilst I hadn’t actively avoided them, I certainly hadn’t made any serious effort to read one either.  So, to get from there, to the point of having created one with a serious intent to maintain it is quite the turnaround.

So why have I now created one?

Well there are all sorts of answers to that question.  To start with it’s a good way to practice my writing and (hopefully) get good feedback on it.  It’s also a good way to connect with other writers or indeed anyone interested in the writing process, whether you’re published or not I’m interested to hear what you have to say.  Hopefully I can also help unpublished authors avoid many of the traps and pitfalls I have encountered on my writing journey.

In that vein, I shall be posting about the things that inspire me to write what I write, experiences in publishing my book and the dreaded (for me at least) process of promoting it.  I’ll cover the things that help me when writing, from the relaxed conditions in which I write, to the music I listen to while I write (anyone else have a writing playlist?).

You will no doubt be unsurprised to hear I have plenty of other interests besides writing.  From movies, to video/board/table-top games, football (soccer), the emotive subject of politics and all sorts of other things besides.  Overall, I think we’re going to have plenty to discuss.

Finally, I welcome any comments you may have; however, I do ask that you be nice and respect other people’s opinions.  So basically, just be cool to one another.

Peace out and have a great day.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the blog

  1. Greetings Tom from the North!

    I’m Ashley from the Far East, in a state so small you can hardly find it on a map. That tiny state is Maryland! ☺️

    Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your blog and have followed you. I hope you can read my blog and find some interest in some of the topics I plan to discuss in the near future. By the way, Great writing and I’m sure many will love your blogs.

    I’m new to this and just did my first introduction blog yesterday. I’ve been wanting to blog for over two years now and just finally got up the courage to do so. I love expressing my feelings through writing, I’ve always been much better at writing someone a letter than speaking to them in person.

    I’ve had some challenging and difficult times throughout my life from dealing with a rare connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and several other health issues, some include mental health (depression/anxiety), and even grieving over a loss of a close loved one. Now, my plan is to turn my negative experiences into positive experiences by helping others out with similar situations. I want to also blog about so much more! That’s just a few that I’m very passionate about.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    To check out my introduction blog, here is the address: Expressit2017.webpress.com

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    • Greetings Ashley

      I’m glad you enjoyed the blog and I really appreciate your kind words. I’ve followed your blog as well and I really look forward to hearing your thoughts. I know what you mean with regards to communicating with people in writing, it’s something I much prefer.

      I hope your blogging experience is as rewarding as mine has been, since I started I feel it has really helped me express myself better. Might I suggest you look to the daily writing prompts for some of your early posts, I found these to be very useful for not only developing content, but stimulating my thought process. There are also the Discover Challenges, I have only done one of these found it to be very illuminating and was a great learning experience in terms of my writing.

      All the best, Tom.

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      • Thank you very much for the advice, Tom. I really want to help and inspire others to get through hardships. I really appreciate the tips for the daily blogs, I really like that idea. I will definitely check into them!

        Thank you again! & hope to see more blogging from you soon.


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