This is a daily prompt response.

I have strange reading habits.  I can go for months without reading anything barring what my job requires me to, as well as whatever news I read and I’m quite content, not so much as a fleeting thought given to reading anything substantial.  This whole time I will still be writing, quite happily putting word to page on whatever I happen to be working on at that moment in time.  I don’t miss reading and I have plenty of books I could read if I wished to.

Then, one day I will without thinking pick up a random book and start reading it.  Then I’ll read another, followed by another and another, so on and so forth.  This can go on for as little as a day or two, or for months.  I’ll just keep reading and reading, seemingly unable to devour enough literature to satisfy my appetite.  Often, I don’t know what I’m going to read until I’ve got it in front of me, I might read the first book of a series and then something from a completely different series and genre.

I binge read.  Then one day, having gorged myself on the written word I stop and go into a deep wordless hibernation, my hunger sated.