This is a daily prompt response.

I went for a walk today.  Where I live, there are large patches of woodland and it always seems a shame to me to not take advantage of it.  As I was strolling through the woods, fog clouding the middle distance and my breath hanging in the refreshingly crisp autumn air, my brother mentioned about something I had said a few days earlier.  Upon posting my blog post called Friends a few days earlier I remarked about how it was that I thought I might be getting sentimental as I got older, as usually those sorts of remarks are out of my emotional range.

Amongst my family, I am not renowned for my ability to emotionally express myself in anything but the most awkward fashion.  This isn’t helped by my high-powered style of communication, or put simply, I talk very fast and find it difficult to get people to understand what I’m trying to say.  This is made worse if I’m nervous, excited, angry etc…when I start talking, I usually end up tripping over my words and getting frustrated.  Throw into the mix my inability to deal with emotional situations, such as people crying, displaying affection or heaping praise on me for something and it’s probably not an unjustified perception to be fair.

My brother pointed out to me that the good thing about a blog is that none of those things are an issue, I can put my thoughts on page clearly, without risking tripping myself up.  The blogging format he feels, is going to be good for me to communicate in a manner that neither I, nor other people are used to me doing.  It probably says a lot about me that even that made me a little uncomfortable, I suspect he did it on purpose.

While I’m not exactly expecting to be expressing my deepest emotions anytime soon, I might at the very least be able to tell someone that I don’t hate them.

Woot!  I’m growing as a person.