A Tale of Two Cats

This is a daily prompt response.

Most days on my way to work I encounter a cat, the same cat in fact.  One day he was just there, sat on a junction box at the side of a police station that I pass, cadging fusses from people as they pass.  From me, the kind lady who feeds him as she passes on her way work, the coppers as they pass etc… overall, he seems to be onto a good thing.

One day last week, I was stood at the train station across the road, watching him as he went about whatever business it is that cats get up to and I thought about how it is that life can be so fickle.  In February at almost the same place, I came across a dead cat at the side of the road.  By the looks of it the poor bugger hadn’t been quick enough across the road and had been clobbered by a passing car.  In that moment, it hadn’t been fast enough and its life had been snuffed out without warning.

The contrast between the two animals is so obvious I won’t insult your intelligence by pointing it out.  As I stood there watching, I thought about how precarious life can be and of all the things I haven’t done.  All the places I want to see that I’ve yet to see, the books I want to write that I’ve yet to write and so much more.  I could get hit by a car tomorrow and that would be that, all my hopes and dreams gone.

I need to buck up my ideas and get serious with my writing, after all, you never know what might be around the corner.


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