This is a daily prompt response.

I’m a material sort of guy, or as some might say, I am a hoarder.

It’s not an inappropriate use of the word.  I say I’m a material sort of guy when I’m trying to justify my extensive collection of vintage toys or my Stars Wars movie boxed sets bought in a variety of different media formats.  I say it when I want to buy something of an entirely frivolous nature, something that I don’t need, but really want.  I tell myself that it’s a worthwhile purchase, after all who wouldn’t want a wide selection of Lego sets or any one of the multitude of out of production wargames miniatures I’ve bought?

That’s where my brother steps in.  You see whilst he is also a hoarder, his hoarding is more that he never disposes of anything he believes may ‘come in handy’ someday.  So, there I am, sat on eBay hovering over a soon to end auction like a vulture over carrion and my brother asks me do I really need it?  My answer can vary depending on the item, if it is a limited-edition item or something out of production then my answer of course is yes.  If it’s just an item I could pick up at any time then my answer is no, but I want it.  This usually prompts a scowl or a doubting look and then some epic conversation when he uses common sense to convince me that a person on a limited budget like me should not be purchasing such things so frivolously.  I usually end up acquiescing, then spend the next day or two trying to work out whether I need someone so sensible in my life.

Yes, I am frivolous, I spend money I possibly shouldn’t.  I do this for several reasons, firstly because I’m impulsive and have little impulse control beyond my brother, which is why I should never browse eBay alone.  The other reason is quite simple, I associate items with periods in my life.  Certain things remind me of various Christmas’s or birthdays, good summers, or great days out with the family.

Personally, I think my only problem is that I don’t have house big enough display it all.