This is a daily prompt response.

The right to protest, in my opinion is the cornerstone of a properly functioning democracy.  It allows us to voice our displeasure with people in positions of power, in a way that we cannot do alone.

Therefore, it confuses me when some people criticize, lambast and mock those who choose to do it.  They call them sore losers for protesting a winning candidate of an election.  They shout about how they are trying to frustrate the legitimate will of the people when they protest the result of a referendum, branding them enemies of the people.  Call them shirkers when they march in protest of attacks on worker’s rights, or cuts to public services and benefits.

They say that the marchers lost the argument, that they should just shut up and accept the things governments or big business do to them.  They say this as if winning thirty six percent of the vote gives you some sort of divine right to impose your brand of politics on the other sixty-four percent of voters who decided to vote for someone else, and that you should be able to do so without opposition or dissent.  Then when they lose elections or referenda and they decide to protest, they complain when people do the same thing to them.

The right to protest is fundamental to the good health of a democracy, perhaps then we should be more tolerant of people who choose to do it. Indeed, laude them for the courage to go out and stand up for their beliefs.

After all, sometimes you don’t realise what you had, until you no longer have it.