This is a daily prompt response.

I saw the prompt and at first, unable to come with anything to talk about I was going to pass on it.  But then I thought that there’s nothing that says the post must be a muse on something, so I wrote a little story instead.

‘What a curious conundrum.’

Todd had been out of bed for an hour and he was no closer to a decision than he had been when he’d got up.  He’d spent the first fifteen minutes stood just looking at them trying to come to a decision, unable to settle on either one he went to get a cup of coffee in the hope that the caffeine would help him focus his mind.  It had been in vain of course, whilst the coffee had been delicious it hadn’t helped to settle his mind.


He had decided to go and have a shower next, his reasoning being that freshening up might help clear the cobwebs, it didn’t.  Whilst the shower had indeed been refreshing, it hadn’t helped him decide.  If truth be told it was becoming something of an issue now, he was running short on time and he needed to decide.  He had an important meeting at ten o’clock, it was ten to nine now and he needed to be underway no later than nine fifteen.

‘You’ve only got yourself to blame here, Todd.’

A little planning could have saved him a lot of time here, if he’d spent less time binge watching episodes of Star Trek last night he could have sorted this out then.  But no, he had to watch just one more episode, after all he was in the middle of a two-part storyline and didn’t want to leave it there.  Now he was gearing up for an important meeting with a potential new client and he couldn’t decide which one to choose.

‘It shouldn’t be this hard to decide what socks to wear.’