I wrote a short story for a writing excercise on a community I’m part of on Google+.  It’s a competition to write a story inspired by a picture posted on the community at the start of the week.  The one with the most votes wins, mine didn’t win, but I thought I would post it here for you nonetheless.  Enjoy!


‘Are you listening to me, Wells?!’

Lieutenant Vespanzo wasn’t expecting an answer, she knew he wasn’t as his gaze had been fixed on the roiling maelstrom above the hill, fifty feet distant.  Stood beneath it he could see Eve, her hand raised towards toward the mass of sand and rock spinning chaotically above.  He couldn’t believe she was controlling it, small delicate Eve controlling such a destructive force.

Suddenly he felt a thump as Vespanzo smacked the back of environment suit’s helmet.  ‘Focus!’

He turned to face the lieutenant and as he did, he saw the colony on the plains beneath them.  It was three miles distant and Eve, with the power she wielded was preparing to obliterate it.  He thought about how they had gotten here, the events in the temple and the grisly fate of the rest of the team.  Only he and Vespanzo had survived to make the dash back, racing to get here before Eve, she was already here however and almost ready to destroy the colony of thousands.

‘I’ll work my way around those rocks,’ Vespanzo said pointing to a rocky formation, ten feet from Eve.  She fixed him with a steely gaze.  ‘I’ll take the shot, all you have to do is distract her.  It’s a shitty deal, but we have no choice.’

He nodded shakily and Vespanzo set off, Wells started his own journey towards Eve.  He kept low and made a pretence of trying to hide, however his whole purpose was to be seen.

As he made his way toward her he thought about their childhood together.  He was the older and more physically able, she was the smarter and more academically minded.  When he had joined the marines, she had gone to university.  When the third phase of colony expansion on NP-11 had been announced, Eve had been selected to go and when they were asking for candidates as Colonial Marines; he volunteered.

Not long after their arrival, they were selected for a mission to investigate a radio signal that had been detected.  They all knew what it meant, no human had been to this world before them, it was alien or some natural phenomena.  They should have ignored it, they had released something, it had killed the rest of the team and claimed Eve.

Cresting the hill, he looked up for a moment at the maelstrom above them.  Taking in a deep breath, he stood up and called out to her.  ‘Eve!’

Turning to face him, her head un-helmeted, was open to the planet’s atmosphere.  There was a look of recognition on her face.  ‘Lee, you’re here.’  He didn’t know how, but her voice was transmitting through his earpiece.

‘You’re not her,’ he muttered.

‘It’s me,’ she replied.

Vespanzo dodged out from cover behind Eve and took aim at her, without thinking he reacted.  ‘No!’  Quickly raising his pistol, he snapped off a shot at Vespanzo, her helmet’s visor shattered as oxygen exploded into the thin atmosphere.  She fell to the ground and Wells dropped to his knees as Eve approached, kneeling opposite him.

‘What did I do?’ he sobbed, tears streaming down his cheeks.

‘You saved me,’ she replied.

He threw his arms around her and she did the same to him.  He loved her, she was his sister and he could never have let anyone hurt her.  Letting go, he pulled away and saw the loving smile on her face, replaced with a malevolent grin.  The next sound he heard was the oxygen escaping from his suit, as she opened the seals on his helmet.