I have something of a reputation in work for being a grouch when it comes to Christmas.  I personally think it’s an unjustified reputation, I like Christmas as much as the next guy, just not in September.

Now as we all know, 2016 has been an absolute shit-show.  Though to what degree I suppose depends on who you are, for instance I wager David Bowie and Prince fans would probably agree.  Whilst people who voted for Brexit or Donald Trump to be President of the United States might disagree, it’s all a matter of perspective I suppose.  The one thing I think we can all agree on, is that it certainly could have been better.

So, I must admit that this news came as something of a pleasant change of pace from the unrelenting conveyor belt of shit that this year has brought.  Now sure, you could say that Mr. Ferdinand stands to benefit a great deal from the positive publicity he receives from such an act, however I choose to take the gesture at face value.  I do this because whilst my mum and my auntie always made sure we got decent presents for Christmas, for one or two years it was touch and go.  Now of course five hundred grand is hardly a massive amount of money when you’re as rich as he is, but it’s hardly a drop in the ocean either.

Personally, I have always been a big fan of Christmas, from the earliest point in my childhood that I was old enough to appreciate it, to now, when I am simply a man-child.  It therefore saddens me greatly that there are children out there who don’t get presents at Christmas or indeed suffer worse things.  Having experienced what it’s like to be disadvantaged and witnessed neglect (of others I hasten to add) up close, I can say with reasonable certainty that this sort of gesture goes a long way.

Indeed, this sort of thing can change a child’s life.  If a child is from a disadvantaged background these might be the first presents they have received.  If they have suffered abuse or neglect, then they might be experiencing kindness for the first time in their lives and I can assure you, that sort of thing can change a person’s life.

It is therefore with immense pleasure, that I give the Magnificent Bastard of the Year Award (sponsored by Tom of the North) for 2016, to Rio Ferdinand.  Well done that man!


Written for the Discover Challenge post, Hope Gone Viral.