Good morning bloggers.  This is a short story that I have posted in one of my collections on Google+. The collection is called 500 Word Stories and as the title suggest I challenge myself to write a short story of no more than 500 words in length each week, I have decided also to post it here.  Enjoy!

‘Cliffs, rocks, chasms and more cliffs,’ Vernon said before noticing a bush nearby.  ‘Oh, and a shrub.’

It was the most barren place he had seen, though he didn’t have a great deal by which to compare.  Prior to leaving his father’s manor three months ago, he had never set foot out of the Brekari Lowlands.  He had always wanted to see the world, so one day he collected up his belongings and set out full of enthusiasm and fervour, it hadn’t lasted.  Money wasn’t the problem, his father was wealthy and so he had left with a full coin-purse, with further funds in vaults across the Duchy.

No, the problem was that the though the world was big, it didn’t seem to contain much excitement or adventure and for someone seeking such things, that was a problem.  Before leaving he had selected a glaive from the armoury.  It was a weapon he was familiar with, when he was young he’d been told to choose a weapon to train with, he chose polearms.  Fortunately, it basically being just a short sword perched on top of a big stick also made it suitable as a walking stick.  Truth be told he didn’t need it, he could have armed himself with a cheese-knife and he would likely have been safe.

Having found nothing of note in the lowlands he had set off into the hills, then the mountains.  He had read the stories of golems in these mountains, monstrously large creatures made of rock, brought to life by arcane magical energies.  Legend had it they were roused by a mage who inhabited this region, that he had lost control of his creations and they had killed him.

‘The fool,’ he said.

Suddenly he heard a crash as if something had fallen from a great height, then again and again, evenly spaced it continued.  He continued listening as it got louder, before realising that it was something walking.  Dropping his backpack, he listened more intently, he deduced that whatever was making the sound was approaching from a narrow high walled ravine.

‘Finally,’ he said excitedly, readying his weapon.

He could see a shadow cast on the ravine wall, finally after all these months of boredom, a fight.  The shadow kept increasing in size and he continued waiting, eventually it faded and the shadow got gradually smaller until it disappeared.  Had it retreated inside the ravine he wondered?  He was about to step forward, before he could he noticed something small approaching him, no more than a foot tall.  It got within five feet of him and he saw the most inoffensive creature imaginable, a miniature golem.

‘Oh typical,’ he said, rearing his foot back he kicked it high into the air.  ‘The ravine must have been amplifying the sound.’

Picking up his belongings with a loud sigh, he turned around and headed back down the mountain in disappointment.  ‘It seems like the world might be a bit shit.’