I never seem to have the time for things these days.  I promised myself that I was going to get back to blogging straight after the festive period and hit the ground running, it hasn’t really worked out like that.  Well not in the way I imagined anyway.

I’m not having a bad time or anything.  Do you ever have a time where for a sustained period of time your really busy and by extension of that really tired?  But it’s a good sort of tiredness if you know what I mean, it’s a ‘I’m getting shit done‘ sort of tiredness.  Whilst I would prefer to be relaxed and full of energy, feeling like I’m making things happen, really is giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  Last year was at times a fairly static year for me, so the feeling I might be making progress is a great feeling to have.

I can’t pinpoint when it was, but things just seemed to start happening all at once.  It was like I’d made a checklist and things were being crossed off it.

  • Look into buying a new couch and chairs for the living room.  Check!
  • Look into buying the things required to paint and decorate the living room.  Check!
  • Look in buying new lamps and light fixtures for the living room.  Check!
  • Look into putting shelves up to store our vast array of curios.  Check!

Everything identified and costed, all we need to do now is get it all ordered and set to arrive in the right order…what could possibly go wrong?

It’s amazing the difference a week can have.  Before Christmas I was worrying about how we were going to afford all the stuff we needed in preparation, we managed of course.  Now here I sit, a week later and I have a real sense of optimism for the year.  Did I have that last year, kind of, but not exactly like this.  So I’m going to ride the wave and carry on ‘getting shit done‘.

Oh, I wrote a blog post entirely by accident.  Woo hoo!