It’s my time to shine.

Over the festive period and into the new year I had something of an epiphany, a moment of realisation that I hold in my hands everything I need to progress this year.  To push on, achieve things and make some progress towards the things I want in life.  I just need to be focused and not get carried away, set myself realistic goals that are achievable with hard work.

My list of goals (in no particular order) is as follows:

  • Redecorate and renew my flat.
  • Get my second book finished and published before the end of the year.
  • Hone my writing so that I’m better at the end of the year than at the start.
  • Be financially better off and the end of the year than I was at the start.

The first one is the most realistic and is the one that is most in my power to achieve.  Myself and my brother have been living in this flat for ten years this October.  Whilst we have done our best to keep everything looking fine and dandy around here, there’s no hiding the fact that the place is starting to look somewhat shabby.  Money has been an issue for some time now, there just hasn’t been enough to do anything but maintain our living space and I think this has contributed to a general malaise.  Our financial situation is better now than it has been in a long time and we’re now able to do something about this, or at least start doing something anyway.

As for my second book, well if truth be told it’s finished, it just needs editing and frankly that’s on me.  I have not been using my time most effectively and I need to get better at that, this carries the same in terms of getting better with my writing.  I need to make sure I split my time effectively between my books, my blog and my short stories as well as factoring all the other things in that I need (and want) to do.

Finally, the money situation, well that’s in hand.  I’m making efforts on several fronts to make my financial situation better and enable me to achieve my long-term goal, to own my own home.

Like I said, these are all things that are in my power to achieve.  I need to be focused, I need to be determined and I need to be hard working.  No more later, no more putting things off and kicking them into the long grass.  If something needs doing, then I need to do it now rather than later.

It’s my time to shine, prepare to be dazzled folks!


This was a daily prompt response.