I’ve been having a problem lately, I’m having trouble getting my writing head on.

Before Christmas I was in my flow, writing a few blog posts a week and managing find enough time to work on my various projects as well as writing short stories.  I took a break over Christmas, I did a couple of short blog posts, apart from that it was all quiet on the writing front.  Having been at it so consistently last year I really didn’t think a break would be a problem, in fact I rather thought it would benefit me to get away from it for a week.

With the benefit of hindsight, I think taking such a long break was a mistake.  It robbed me off any momentum that I had built, I came to full stop and now I seem to be having trouble getting going again.  What I should have done was dial it down, I should have done less writing rather than no writing at all.  It would have been easier to dial it back up afterwards, to get myself back into a writing mindset.

I’ve always been of the mind with writing that if you’re not in the mood you’re not in the mood, at times like these it’s better to not write, than to try to force it.  I’ve done some of my worst writing when I wasn’t in the mood, produced utter pap* because at the time I thought it better to be doing something than nothing.  Unfortunately, I think I’m just going to have ride this one out, it’ll come back to me.

I wrote this though, so maybe I’m on the verge of fighting back after all.