It’s no secret that I’ve been having problems writing of late.

As I mentioned in a previous post I have been in something of a lull since Christmas, nothing would work for me and I could never seem to work up the motivation to get going consistently.  I seem to be coming out of the other side of it now and that brings me to the subject of my blog post.

My lack of energy and motivation really taught me to appreciate and savour the good times.  Before Christmas I was on a roll, writing on auto-pilot you could say.  I was churning out multiple blog posts through the week and still finding the time to do some creative writing as well, I felt like nothing could stop me.  I think back and it’s no surprise I came to a screeching halt.  I’d write in the morning before work and having worked a full day I would spend all night, every night sat in front of my laptop or with a notebook in front of me writing.  I loved doing it and enjoyed it immensely, but it was always going to burn me out eventually.

You know what though?

I’ll do it again, I’ll get that in the zone again and sit there writing all day loving every minute of it.  Because when writers are in that sort of mindset that’s what we should do.  We should take every minute available to us to hone our craft and do the thing we love.

So, whatever you write.  When you’re in the zone and racking up the wordcount like a child prodigy at a spelling bee, be sure to savour and make the most of it, who knows how long it will last.


This was a daily prompt response.