Having recently come into ownership of a brand spanking (nearly) new Playstation 4 and a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, I found myself playing it over the weekend, now three games later and I’m done.

What’s your point, Tom?

Well it’s funny you should ask, I’m at something of a loss.  I don’t know about the rest of your but when I finish something, games, books, series boxed sets or series of movies I always find myself adrift.  Having spent so much time and effort into something I find myself unable to settle on anything, now it’s true that part of my problem here is that I’m currently awaiting the arrival of Uncharted 4 and so don’t see the point in locking myself into anything long term until I have played it to death.  But nevertheless, my feelings would be the same had I nothing new on the horizon, it’s like when I finish a story of any variety I find myself entering a period of mourning for the characters that I can no longer experience.

I have to fight the feeling to go back and play the game again, or fight the urge to watch the film again or whatever.  I don’t always succeed and sometimes end up running through the whole game or series again, or perhaps maybe just my favourite bits.  Which is fine to a point, but one must move on eventually.

I usually manage however, until I finish the next thing and I’m right back where I started…familiarity is a bitch.