I really should lift my head up more and take in my surroundings.

As frequent readers of my blog will know, I recently changed jobs, resulting in me now working a completely different town (Runcorn) from the one I had been working in (Warrington) for the last twelve years.  I recently went to Warrington to meet a friend to catch up, before and after our meet up I spent some time sat in the shopping centre watching the world go by.  It struck me while I was this just how little I noticed in my previous twelve years of pottering around the centre of Warrington.

Every day I had been in work over the last twelve years, I had walked different routes around Warrington to the various shops, pubs and whatnot in town.  But having long since gotten used to the town centre I would cruise around town, head down, on auto-pilot, taking in nothing of my surroundings.  So, there I was last Tuesday, sat on a bench in the middle of the mall just watching people go about their business and it struck me how little I noticed around me.  I’ve always considered myself to be a perceptive individual, very aware of my surroundings and what have you, but sat there I noticed shops I didn’t even know where there for starters.

A friend of mine often says that people don’t look up often enough, and she’s right.

There are all sorts of things going on around us, above us as well.  There are all sorts of things out there to provide us with inspiration, whether it be books or movies, the behaviour of people or random unexplained occurrences that boggle the mind.  Perhaps you’re like me and on those dark starry nights you spend time looking up into the sky wondering what’s out there or staring at distant streetlights, wondering what’s happening there.

All sorts of things drive me to write and though I don’t usually lack for ways to inspire myself, I think these past twelve years I have been depriving myself of a valuable source of inspiration.  Whatever inspires you, perhaps you might consider just sitting, looking up and around, see where it takes you.

Who knows, perhaps you’ll be like me and discover an untapped resource.