It’s National Poetry Day in the UK today.

While I like to read a good poem, I am not blessed with the ability to write them.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just blowing it out of proportion, but I’ve just never been able to wrap my head around the concept of forming one.  I have great admiration for poets, in writing what they write they seem to be in touch with a range of emotions that elude me.  I’m not exactly an emotionless rock, but nor am I the sort of person to express myself in the way many do.

Now I will also admit that I am not exactly a hardcore poetry reader, I read the odd one here and there, I also have a favourite poem (If, by Rudyard Kipling if your curious), but I’m not an avid reader.  My taste in poetry is somewhat eclectic (like most things) is somewhat eclectic, while I have a favourite poem, I don’t have a favourite poem and sorts of things I like are wide and varied.

I’m aware I’m waffling here, so to keep it short I will say this, a good poem can affect us in all sorts of ways.  So, whether you’re an avid poetry reader or have never read one before, I encourage all my friends and followers to find at least a single poem on this day and read it.  Who knows, you may find your favourite.

Peace out, and have a good evening.