I like the winter months, when it’s cold and it gets dark early.

I realise in this sense I am in a minority, but I do have good reasons for it.  First amongst them is that I just prefer the cooler months, being a big hairy yeti-man, I tend to overheat in the summer months, so autumn and winter are something of a relief to me.  Another reason however is that later in the evening, when it’s gotten dark and all the street lights are on, I like to look at distant lights and imagine what could be happening there.

Likely probably not a great deal, it’s probably a lonely street light on a street corner somewhere with nothing around it.  But maybe, just maybe; something unbelievably significant is going on there.  It may even be nothing significant to you or me, it may be something of great significance to someone though and it’s these thoughts that catch my imagination.  I imagine who might be walking past that lonely streetlight, or perhaps it’s light escaping from someone’s bedroom window.

Then I get to wondering who these people may be.

I wonder what their lives may be like, are they happy or sad?  Do they have a family, or do they live a solitary life?  Then there’s my less serious imaginings…

These imaginings include anything from high speed car chases to ghost pirates sailing up the River Mersey to raid my hometown.  This leads to much swashbuckling and daring-do, you know; stuff that’s never likely to happen in the real world.  I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve spent no small amount of time in my life imagining this sort of thing, imagining myself in situations that are literally never going to happen.

That said, I wouldn’t consider any of that wasted time.  An active imagination is a good thing, it provides an escape when real life is just little too real to deal with at any given time.

That’s all for today folks.  Peace out, and have a lovely evening.