You wouldn’t think so from the slow pace I undertake it, but I like researching for my books.

It’s true, I have a long-held passion for history, I loved it as a subject in school and since then I have amassed a significant collection of history books covering a wide array of periods of history.  I don’t tend to focus on exact periods of time, I just tend to take a bit of scatter gun approach to it and read whatever takes my fancy at the time.  That said, all my efforts now are focused on the medieval period, I am currently reading a book about German Medieval Armies.  Once I have finished that I have a book about roads in that period, then The Medieval Traveller and I’ll finish with a wee little book called Medieval Monsters.

Suffice as to say, I should have a fair amount of useless trivia to dazzle the ladies with once I’m finished.

It fascinates me to see how people behaved in those times, the things they thought and believed.  I’m not going to lie, there is a certain amount interest in military history in me as well and I suppose that’s probably the man-child in me that just thinks Roman soldiers looked cool.  The way they fought wars then is something else I find fascinating, they were limited in ways that modern armies don’t even consider.

It’s all these things and more that I’m looking to find out for the Brogan books.  I’m not exactly looking for a gritty sense of realism, for people to see a sort of depressing medieval world filled with nothing but fear and misery.  I want it to be more of a parody of medieval times, an amusing take on those times, with some of the more fantastical elements usually found in most fantasy stories.  However, it’s important to me that it’s grounded, that there is some feel that it could be something that happened to give people the feeling it could have happened, even though they know it didn’t.

It’s all part of the process of world building that I’ve talked about before.  I feel for me this is the best way to go about it, make it seem real and believable, but leave certain details vague enough for the reader to flesh out certain parts themselves.  It gives the reader a sense of ownership, and I think that is an important thing with any story, because everyone’s take on the story is different.  It’s unique, people view characters differently, they view events differently and blame different people and the like for these things.  That’s a good world to me.

But yeah, history and research…love it.

I know I kind of lost focus there, but I didn’t really have an idea of where I was going with this post when I started, so you’ll have to forgive me.

Anyhoo, that’s all for today folks.  Peace out, and enjoy your weekend.